Denmark NBN forum


Over 60 enthusiastic Denmark residents attended an NBN forum on Thursday night organised by Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson MP.

NBN Co Lead Community Affairs Manager Peter Gurney, Telstra Area General Manager Boyd Brown and Chamber of Commerce board member Clem Wright also addressed the crowd eager to hear about how the NBN will affect Denmark.

Mr Wilson said Denmark will be the first town in the electorate where every resident will receive the NBN using a combination of three technologies. 

“Due to the undulating terrain and thick forest canopies, wireless services at the moment in the Denmark area are patchy at best,” Mr Wilson said.

“This is a perfect example of the government shifting focus to areas of highest need versus the former government which targeted areas where they needed votes.”

Mr Wilson said the NBN will be delivered through a combination of fixed line, fixed wireless and satellite technologies to provide faster broadband speeds and more gigabytes at the same or cheaper cost.

“The fixed wireless towers will be switched on in June, covering 600 premises, while the fixed line service will be completed by the end of 2016,” Mr Wilson said.

A long term satellite solution will be ready for service in early 2016 for those residents who fall outside the fixed-line and wireless footprint.

Mr Wilson said the NBN Co technology would deliver minimum speeds of 25 mbps for downloads and 5 mbps for uploads, four times faster than current ADSL2 services.

Mr Gurney also revealed at the meeting trials of the fibre to the node system on the east coast had revealed speeds of up to 90 mbps or up to 10 times faster than ADSL2.

Mr Wilson said residents in Denmark were eager to hear about the NBN Co technology and plan their future IT investment.


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