Committee to examine technological advancement in agriculture


The House of Representatives Agriculture and Industry Committee will conduct an inquiry into agricultural innovation.

Member of the Agriculture and Industry Committee and Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson MP welcomed the referral of this inquiry from the Minister for Agriculture the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP.

Mr Wilson said Australian farmers have always been at the forefront of developing and adopting new agricultural technologies.

“In fact, our early adoption and development of technology is the edge that has kept Australian agriculture competitive world-wide in a high cost environment,” Mr Wilson said.

“Recent developments in fields ranging from plant gene technology to telecommunications and remote monitoring present exciting opportunities for the agriculture industry to continue this trend of innovation.

“The committee will investigate how farmers are adopting new technologies to reap advances in productivity, sustainability and efficiency. This inquiry will also consider how technological advances can help address challenges such as the ever growing threat of chemical resistance,” he said.

The terms of reference provide for the committee to inquire into and report on the following matters:
 improvements in the efficiency of agricultural practices due to new technology, and the scope for further improvements;
 emerging technology relevant to the agricultural sector, in areas including but not limited to telecommunications, remote monitoring and drones, plant genomics, and agricultural chemicals; and
 barriers to the adoption of emerging technology.

The Committee will accept submissions addressing one or more of the terms of reference until 25 September 2015.

Further details about how to make a submission can be obtained from the committee’s website at:


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