A message to my supporters


As with all victories, the result in the 2016 election could not have been achieved without the tireless efforts of an extremely dedicated team.

I am extremely grateful to the people of O’Connor for putting their faith in me to represent the electorate in Canberra for another term.

I worked extremely hard to deliver for O’Connor during my first term, and I promise to bring that same enthusiasm and commitment in the future.

But before we move forward, I want to thank the wonderful team of volunteers and supporters who contributed to what was ultimately a successful campaign.

Every person who erected a sign, manned polling booths to hand out how-to-vote cards, or offered messages of support throughout the marathon campaign, contributed to this victory.

Without grassroots support, the campaign we ran would not have been possible and I can’t overstate the importance of those people who volunteered their time to help out.

So to everyone who supported my campaign for a second term, I want to thank you for your generosity and commitment. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure O’Connor continues to have strong representation in the years ahead.

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