Sign my Cashless Debit Card petition


Following the disappointing back flip by the Federal Labor Party on the Cashless Debit Card for the Goldfields, I have launched a petition to send a clear message that the Goldfields community supports the implementation of this card. 

The card involves welfare recipients having 80% of their fortnightly payments quarantined in a debit card that cannot be used for gambling or to purchase alcohol.

I started lobbying to have this card introduced to the Goldfields nearly two years ago as a result of the severe social problems in parts of the region, driven by alcohol, drug and gambling abuse. The most concerning aspect of this was undoubtedly the impact on young children, many of whom who were suffering malnourishment and neglect.

In trials held in South Australia and the East Kimberley, this card has proven effective in reducing alcohol consumption and violence within the community. I believe that with this card, we can offer current and future generations a chance for a better life. If we save just one child’s life, it will be worth it.

I have worked tirelessly to ensure adequate community consultation has been undertaken and the message to me has been very clear - this card is needed!

Follow the link below to sign or you can visit my Kalgoorlie office on Hannan Street. Please share and spread the word.

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