Bremer CMR Scallop Trawling


It's disappointing that the full extent of my consultation with the Bremer Bay community was misrepresented in recent media coverage regarding scallop trawling in the Commonwealth Marine Reserve. 

On behalf of my constituents, I’ve asked the Minister for Environment, Josh Frydenberg, to remove the proposed scallop trawl zone from the final management plans for the Bremer Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

I based this decision on the fact that I’ve received more than 300 emails from Bremer and surrounds, as well as a letter signed by 18 businesses, and dozens of face-to-face conversations with locals who all oppose any trawling in the marine park.

I made two trips to Bremer Bay in August and December last year, and on both occasions the local community reiterated their opposition to the practice.

Personally, the deal breaker came when I was told the operator who trawls in the area every few years doesn't spend a cent in the town – not on fuel, supplies, or even a beer at the tavern.

I’ll always put the interests of the local tourism industry that supports Bremer businesses over a Fremantle-based company.

Furthermore, we went to great lengths to consult the local fishing industry and ensure their operations would not be affected by changes to the marine reserve.

It's disappointing that critics of my decision to stand by the Bremer community failed to mention the significant input commercial operators have had during the drafting of the new maps.

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