Parliament Speech: Thankyou to Betty Logan and Amanda Bennell


Mr Speaker, I rise today to give a warm welcome to Parliament to two strong, capable indigenous women from my electorate of O’Connor.

Shire Councillor Betty Logan and Amanda Bennell have travelled from the Goldfields town of Coolgardie, to be here for some important events this week.

These amazing women, only moments ago, were acknowledged by the Prime Minister for their heartfelt representations toward bringing the Cashless Debit Card to our Goldfields.

Betty is a highly respected Ngadju woman.

She had a long and distinguished career as a nurse…and although now in well-deserved retirement, continues to fight for better health and welfare outcomes for her community.

Amanda is an incredible young woman...

Once a troubled teenager, she put that behind her to forge a new career, serving her community, working with troubled children and adults, and being a positive role model for the younger generation.

Amanda and her Aunt Betty, in their spare time take kids out onto Country teaching them bushcraft, language and reconnecting them with their Aboriginal culture.

But today what I really want to thank these women for is their COURAGE and DETERMINATION in standing up for the Cashless Debit Card …which they believe is right for their community:

  • Reducing the alcohol and drug-fuelled harm they see destroying families.
  • Getting kids off the streets and into their homes, where they should feel safe and protected.
  • Towards money being spent on the essentials of life… food, clothes, shelter and transport.
  •  And finally towards hope for a brighter future for the most vulnerable in their community.

I thank you, Betty and Amanda from the bottom of my heart.

Parliament Speech: Thankyou to Betty Logan and Amanda Bennell

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