Rick Wilson welcomes new leadership and direction


MEMBER for O’Connor Rick Wilson has welcomed the election of Scott Morrison as Prime Minister and believes it represents a new era in Australian politics.

Mr Wilson said Prime Minister Morrison and new deputy leader Josh Frydenberg were a powerful partnership who would be able to effectively take on the ALP at the next election.

“Our new team represents a generational change,” Mr Wilson said. 

“As Treasurer, Scott Morrison has presided over unprecedented economic achievements and I’m pleased that as Prime Minister he will be able to oversee the continuation of those policies.”

Mr Wilson said Western Australians had good reason to be grateful to Scott Morrison.

“It was Scott Morrison who developed the process that has delivered a fairer and ultimately permanent change to the GST allocation for WA, and his election means there is no possibility of that agreement being altered,” he said.

Mr Wilson said the election of Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg would be able to re-unite the party and draw disaffected voters back to the fold.

“I look forward to working with the new Prime Minister and his Deputy to take on the ALP and Bill Shorten at the next election.

“That’s the fight we have to focus on and I am confident we will now be able to win that fight.”


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