Red tape reduction now totals $2.45 billion


The Coalition Government has today announced a further $305 million in red tape reductions to ease the burden on Australian businesses, community organisations, families and individuals.

Federal Member for O’Connor said the measures in the government’s third Repeal Day built on the $2.1 billion in red tape reductions announced by the government in October 2014.

“What this means for the businesses, community organisations, families and individuals is less time filling out forms, less time waiting in queues and less time searching for government information,” Mr Wilson said.

"The Coalition set itself a target to reduce the regulatory burden by $1 billion a year. Not only did we exceed that net target by more than double in our first year, we are now on our way to meeting a fresh new $1 billion target for 2015.”

The Coalition Government has also released the inaugural Annual Deregulation Report 2014, that sets out the Coalition’s achievements in the first year of its deregulation programme, as well as the results of the first ever stocktake and costing of all Commonwealth regulation on the Australian economy.

"For the first time in Australian history, a Commonwealth government has undertaken a thorough and accurate stocktake of all federal regulatory costs and is consistently measuring and reducing the cost of Commonwealth government red tape on Australian businesses, organisations, families and individuals,” Mr Wilson said.

In the last year of the former Government, Commonwealth regulation was costing Australians approximately $65 billion per year – a remarkable 4.2 per cent of GDP.

“Australia now has its most precise, comprehensive and transparent programme to reverse the growing costs of red tape on the Australian economy."

The Coalition Government had now repealed more than 10,300 legislative instruments and introduced legislation to repeal over 2,700 Acts of Parliament.

"Under the Coalition Government, businesses and the community will be able to get on with what they do best without being weighed down by unnecessary paperwork.

“Importantly, they will be able to access government information and services easier and quicker.

“I want to hear from my local businesses, community organisations, families on individuals on how the Government can help cut even further red tape in our electorate to build a strong and prosperous local economy in O’Connor.”

Some of the key measures in the Autumn 2015 Repeal day include:
• Implementing additional functionality for myGov users to allow customers to update their details in one place using the myGov Tell Us Once Service to obtain secure and convenient access to online services with a single account and one set of credentials. Annual compliance savings of $5.4 million.
• Making identity checks simpler and easier for retailers and consumers when purchasing new prepaid mobile phones. Annual compliance savings of $6.2 million.
• Lifted restrictions on using personal electronic devices so travellers can use their PEDs during all phases of flights. Annual compliance savings of $17.7 million.
• Improving the ATO website so six million Australians can find relevant information more quickly. Annual compliance savings of $48.5 million.
• Implementing easier monthly PAYG for certain businesses. Businesses choosing to use this new method will only need to calculate their actual instalment income on a quarterly basis. Annual compliance savings of $2.7 million.
• Reforming the 457 visa programme; streamlining the processing of sponsorship, nomination and visa applications to reduce the time and cost to businesses. Annual savings of $29.9 million.
• Removed the requirement for heavy vehicle operators of B double truck combinations registered under the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme to fit additional spray suppression devices. Annual compliance savings of $8.3 million.
• Students who receive government payments are now able to change their details online, at a time that best suits them, without being required to contact a call centre or attend a service centre. Annual compliance savings of $2.7 million.
• Excluding certain types of low-risk animal feed for both stock and companion animals from the need for Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority regulatory assessment to better align the registration requirements for stock and pet food with the well understood risks associated with their ingredients and intended use patterns. Annual compliance savings of $7.8 million.
• Developing an online national assessment platform which will deliver the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) online. It is scheduled to be available to school staff from 2017. Annual compliance savings of $9.7 million.

The Australian Government Annual Deregulation Report 2014 and the Australian Government Autumn Repeal Day 2015 Overview can be downloaded at:


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