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Additional support services for First Australians in Narrogin and Northam

  • More social, emotional, health and wellbeing support services for Indigenous Australians in Narrogin and Northam.
  • Coalition Government investing $731,036 for Kaata-Koorliny Employment and Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation to roll out these additional support measures.
  • Programs are part of the Coalition Government’s $5 billion Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS).

Kaata-Koorliny Employment and Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation will be able to provide additional case management services in Narrogin and Northam, thanks to a $731,036 community investment from the Coalition Government.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, said that Kaata-Koorliny Employment and Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation (KEEDAC) would receive funding to provide case management services for vulnerable Indigenous families in each location through until 30 June 2019. These services will target families who are experiencing multiple and complex areas of need including systemic health, social and emotional vulnerability which is impacting adversely on family and social function.

“Improving the safety of Indigenous families and communities is one of the highest priorities for the Coalition Government – and this investment will enable the Kaata-Koorliny Employment and Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation to provide additional support to people who need it the most,” Minister Scullion said.

Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson said that through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS), the Government was providing targeted investment to those working on the ground to make a difference in the lives of First Australians.

“This project is a great example of the Coalition working with Indigenous Australians to improve outcomes for First Australians living in Narrogin and Northam,” Mr Wilson said.

KEEDAC acting CEO Dennis Ramsay said: “KEEDAC would like to thank the Federal Government for their ongoing support. As an Aboriginal organisation with a dedicated and skilled Aboriginal workforce, KEEDAC is in the unique position to deliver a culturally sensitive and effective service in both Narrogin and Northam, while working closely with other services, making sure our communities’ needs are met in the most effective and culturally appropriate ways.”

The Kaata-Koorliny Employment and Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation project is one of 43 recently funded under the IAS.  Services have been funded to provide intensive support to Indigenous people most affected in the following areas: alcohol and drugs, domestic violence, mental health and wellbeing, and youth offending.

Existing service providers will share $18,019,301 in Government funding through until 30 June 2019 to transition from the Indigenous Community Links programme to new place-based, intensive support services that address specific safety and wellbeing needs. A further $4,239,664 will be provided until 30 June 2019 for new services in areas where a safety and wellbeing service gap has been identified.

The final year of funding is dependent on the projects providing strong outcomes for their clients.


Service providers will be asked to collect service data to assess the impact of the service, to better understand what works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage and contribute to the evidence base.



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